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About us

jonathan grossman – owner, mixer, sound nerd

jonathan grossman – owner, mixer, sound nerd

Jonathan has been tweaking knobs and dialing in tones for over 25 years.  A huge fan of mix engineer Geoff Emerick (Beatles, Elvis Costello, Supertramp), Jonathan is constantly looking for new and inventive ways to make sound bend around us and ignite our imagination.  From his first days cutting demos on a 4-track cassette in his rehearsal space (where Guns and Roses LIVED only months earlier) to his current projects mixing BTS, music records, commercials, indy flicks and most recently content for hit movies including LOVECRAFT COUNTRY, EUROVISION, THE GREAT and PERRY MASON.  Equally familiar with software and hardware, his expertise includes use of vintage outboard gear like NEVE pres and 1176 compressors in addition to state of the art mixing in ProTools using all the latest plug-ins. He has produced/mixed for a wide variety of clients including, Universal Music Group, Sony, CBS, CW, Saban Entertainment, Joan Osborne, Kelly Clarkson, Lang Lang and many more. His kids' music band, Jonathan & the NERDZ just released a record Call Me A Nerd.  They perform at local elementary schools spreading the word about leadership and self-confidence.

Night Shift Audio is a boutique mixing and post audio house founded in 2009, by audio nerd, Jonathan Grossman. Our team of mixers like twisting knobs, pushing buttons and dialing in sound until it makes everyone’s ears smile. We have mixed thousands of projects ranging from network television to indy shorts to various rock and pop records.

Why “NIGHT SHIFT”……because we noticed that by the time a project gets to us, the client needs it done yesterday. Our specialty is the quick turnaround, even with last minute requests.

We stay up, so you can sleep.

Our services include:

  • mixing – records, commercials, promos, indie flicks, tv shows
  • sound design
  • sweetening
  • sfx editing
  • dialogue editing
  • vo recording
  • adr
  • foley
  • rockin’ latte

Current and past clients include:

  • cbs television
  • sony television
  • cw television
  • vortexx
  • universal music group
  • directv
  • four eyed films
  • tumbleweed entertainment
  • joan osborne
  • lang lang
  • kelly clarkson
  • leonard maltin
  • dan patrick
  • .....and many more

Geeky specs include:

  • ProTools HD Native with a zillion plug-ins
  • Booth (10X7) floating with double glass/doors
  • AC you can leave on, even when recording - SILENT!
  • Adam A77x/A7 main speakers + surrounds + 15" sub
  • Yamaha NS10 near field
  • Trinnov room equalization system
  • Dangerous Monitor ST/SR 7.1
  • 88 key weighted keyboard mounted underneath the desk
  • 70" Samsung TV monitor
  • Kona Card for video
  • DW Fearn VT-1 tube mic pre
  • Camden 500 mic pres
  • RNC 500 compressors
  • U47/U87 clones (bc they sound just as good)
  • AA414
  • Sennheiser 416 shotgun
  • 1966 Gibson SJN acoustic
  • Various amazing Les Pauls and Teles
  • Patch bay with multiple tie lines throughout the room