One night a major studio client had an after hours unexpected emergency and Jonathan saved the day! Trailers to TV spots - awesome mixes! 

  Alexandra Cox

(former) Post Production Supervisor

Motive Creative

Jonathan's easy to work with and can push through the night for that special project. Team player!

              Greg Eldridge

Director of Post Production 

Picture Head

Jonathan’s clever, efficient and responsive. Every producer I’ve worked with loves his astute way of implementing creative notes. Highly recommended.

Drew Nudi

Post Production Supervisor 


Jonathan is able to turn things around quickly and at a high quality. He is there when we need him!

                   Mark Lipsky

VP of Operations, Buddha Jones

Jonathan is super collaborative. I would highly recommend hiring him.

                        Daryl Silver

CEO/EP The Idea Factory 


Jonathan is that rare person who delivers both personally and professionally, far beyond what is expected.

                                        Peter Himmelman

Emmy/Grammy nominated composer/author 



Composing & Licensing



Night Shift Audio is a boutique mixing and post audio house founded in 2009, by audio nerd, Jonathan Grossman. Our team of mixers like twisting knobs, pushing buttons and dialing in sound until it makes everyone’s ears smile. We have mixed thousands of projects ranging from network television to indy shorts to various rock and pop records.

Why “NIGHT SHIFT”……because we noticed that by the time a project gets to us, the client needs it done yesterday. Our specialty is the quick turnaround, even with last minute requests.

We stay up, so you can sleep.